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Relocation Services - Making the Move the Easy Way

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

When I originally moved to Costa Rica I could find some basic information on the web. There were a few blogs and vlogs out there but nothing like there are today. I wonder if having more information available is actually helpful, or maybe it only makes finding the right information challenging. With companies working hard to raise the ranks on search engines, people are pushing content like never before. So how can you find the most useful information, and how can you make the move to a new country stress-free?

Relocation services were not readily available when I made the move ten years ago. However, with ex-pat life becoming more popular around the globe and virtual nomads increasing by the dozens, it's a service that seems to be popping up everywhere. Maybe I would have been more prepared for the move, maybe I wouldn't have sold everything and come with only a few suitcases, and maybe my most sentimental possessions would not still be in storage back in Canada had I had a service to helps me smooth out bumps and make moving seamless. There were too many uncertainties when I moved. I packed up, sold my life, and jumped on a plane.

What does a relocation service do and what did I miss out on? I decided to seek out a popular relocation service to learn about how someone could make the leap to a new country with one's life intact. Sarah Elena was highly recommended within ex-pat groups so I reach out for an interview.

Sarah was a delight to speak with. She explained that her company handles logistics such as finding a home rental, setting up a bank account, getting a SIM card for your phone, paying bills, and everything else that may be different in Costa Rica. Her team coordinates travel, shipping, and even greets you at the airport. Her website boasts that their support is personalized through the entire relocation process before, during, and after.

Like many ex-pats, Sarah Elena made the leap and moved to a new country. So she knows what it feels like to navigate a new landscape. She's collected a team of professionals who know how to help.

It took me years to find a good lawyer, to understand how to pay taxes, to figure out banking, to navigate the local medical institutions, etc. Individuals like myself and Sarah are now out there and looking to help. To know more about Sarah and her relocation services visit her website at and check her YouTube channel. The channel holds an enormous amount of useful information, tips, and tricks to help you with the move.

The interview with Sarah Elena is available on the Make Costa Rica Home channel. Please subscribe and follow to see the latest interviews and featured listing.

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I recently relocated with Toronto Movers, and I am thoroughly impressed with their service. The staff was courteous, and they handled my belongings with care. The pricing was transparent, and there were no hidden fees.

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