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As established residents or citizens of Costa Rica, you are eligible for bank financing. You will need to register with SUGEF and have a local bank account with a Costa Rican credit card, to develop a credit score. We suggest a good accountant and lawyer when considering any loan. Bank financing is typically around 8%. Other financing options include owner financing. You can find owner financing between 5% and 13% with terms set between all parties involved. On this page, you will find information about private financing. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

Financing Opportunities
in Costa Rica

Make Costa Rica Home is proud to work with Dan Chaput. Dan has been in the investment business in the U.S. since 2000, and in Costa Rica since 2004 when he arrived and began to work on debt liquidity projects for the Costa Rican Stock Exchange.  A few years in, he realized how small, complicated, and poorly regulated investment markets are in Costa Rica. 


In 2018, Dan began converting all of his international personal investments to Costa Rican private loans.  When learning how most people operated their loan businesses ( i.e. lenders creating shady, damaging, debt traps) he knew he could do better.  Upon meeting Karla in 2019, he found the perfect business partner.  Dan and Karla are dedicated to their private lending business which is focused on positive business practices, creating a win/win for all parties involved.

In addition to lending their own money, they have a portfolio of 24 other lenders with a focus of growing Costa Rican business. They encourage debt structures that help people meet their investment needs and pay off loans quickly and safely.

To learn more about how Make Costa Rica Home partners with money lenders, contact us.

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