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Cost of Living in
Costa Rica

Making the Move

Change is not always easy, but change is exhilarating, especially if you are well prepared. My wife and I both took a leap of faith moving to Costa Rica. I moved from the Pacific North West of the United States and my wife from Southern Ontario, Canada. We took a few years to figure out exactly where we wanted to be but we are here to make sure YOU have everything you need to make this transition successful.

We have put together a Lifestyle calculator to help you budget and plan your new lifestyle. In this calculator, you'll find averages and estimated prices for things like homes, cars, schools, food, and entertainment. 

Please contact us so we can help you answer additional pending questions. Although I am the realtor, ready to show you properties, my wife is ready to help you with planning. She's lived in Costa Rica for ten years in both the beach and the city and has the information you'll need before the big move. As exclusive realtors, team Wittman is here for you.

*Please note that these prices are based on living within the Central Valley region. Prices may vary across Costa Rica including if you are paying public water/electrical bills vs. private water/electricity.

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Sustainable Living. Secure Investment.

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