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​Joshua Wittman
A Buyer's Agent in Costa Rica

My name is Joshua Wittman and I am a buyer's agent in the central valley of Costa Rica. I list investment properties and hotels in my region however my focus is on representing the buyer and your needs as the investor. I am ready to travel to where and when I'm needed with an unbias opinion so that your needs are understood and you are fully represented. I have an incredible team on which I regularly rely, read about my Buy Hotels Costa Rica consulting team. In addition, I have developed a large network of professionals if you are seeking a developer, financing, a legal team, or business operators please do not hesitate to ask me for more information.

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I'm Your Realtor. Meet My Team.



Real Estate Agent

Joshua is fluent in English and Spanish. An agent since 2019, Joshua is excited to be your agent. To read more about Joshua

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Consulting Team

Our consultants provide expert advice and recommendations. With over 40 years of experience in Costa Rican Hotels, our consultants are equipped to best serve investors and sellers.

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Lifestyle Support & Design

Miranda is fluent in English and French and speaks Spanish. She has been Joshua's assistant since 2019. To read more about Miranda

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Leagal Team

With over 85 years of experience, Zurcher, Odio & Raven is a long-standing and well-established firm, working as a team to provide clients with the best possible service. Capable of serving all your legal needs.

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I list properties that excite me. Here you will find my featured listings. I specialize in inventment properties and hotels. I have a large network and database of hotels in the country. As a buyer's agent, I am not limited. These featured properties I personally represent and would love to tell you more about their ROI and potential. For each property, I have created an informative package and can go in-depth about their features. Contact me to arrange a viewing.

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Sustainable Living. Secure Investment.

Landing in Costa Rica
buy a home in Costa Rica
City vs. Beach, Why I Love the Central Valley


Concasa is a modern development project. They have successfully created thriving gated communities close to San Jose, Costa Rica in San Rafael de Alajuela.


Kids frequent the public space and neighbors become good friends, connecting through Facebook, Whatsapp groups, and a Concasa app as well. It is easy to find local classes, professionals, local food, and much more.


The homes are an excellent investment and are a wonderful place to begin your life in Costa Rica, your homeownership, or your rental project. 

  1. Parks, pools, ranchos with BBQ, tennis & basketball courts;

  2. Security;

  3. Affordable HOA;

  4. Maintenance;

  5. Good wifi.

San Jose Living - By Miranda

Many people know me as a beach-loving, sun-loving, and heat-loving ex-pat who came to Costa Rica almost ten years ago. So why did I move from the beach to the central valley?

  1. The cost of living is significantly lower;

  2. There are well-established, long-term communities that provide stable friendships for my children;

  3. It is more integrated making it easier to feel at home and learn Spanish;

  4. There are modern amenities, theater, and other cultural advantages;

  5. Schools and extra-curricular activities are plentiful where children can become dedicated to a craft rather than exploring activities at only a recreational level;

  6. The climate is very comfortable, there isn't a need for A/C;

  7. There is a lot of nature to explore and the coast is still only 45 minutes away for fun-fill beach weekend getaways.


Finding Financing

There are several financing and/or investment opportunities in Costa Rica. The three main ways to achieve financing are through a bank, owner financing, and private financing.

  1. Find out if you are eligible for financing;

  2. Discuss opportunities for residency with our legal team;

  3. See what private financing programs are available in Costa Rica;

  4. Meet lenders;

  5. Talk to Joshua about owner financing, or leasing a project;

  6. Become a financier;

  7. Become a joint owner of a property and/or project and reap the benefits of the growing economy.


Blog - Purchasing in Costa Rica

Our Blog

We write from experience and speak from the heart. Our blog posts are to the point and informative. We offer and lot of useful information and links within each blog so if you are looking for information about purchasing property in Costa Rica, Starting a business in Costa Rica, and/or moving your family you will find a wealth of information there. Contact us if you are looking for anything specifically.

The Information Hub

Information Hub

This unique page has provided a wealth of information to our clients. Rather than reading a full blog, we've compiled an area for quick access to information and links. You can find out more about residency, legal, building, schools, insurance, birth, climate, and much more via this section. Contact us if you are looking for anything specifically.

Buy Hotels Costa Rica

Investment Specialist

Joshua Wittman has developed a unique team of professionals who work with clients interested in commercial investments.  They are an elite team in Costa Rica with over 40 years of experience in the hotel industry and commercial real estate. They serve hotel buyers seeking quality investment opportunities in Costa Rica and provide listing services for properties that meet their criteria.

Family Viewing House

Lifestyle Calculator.

Are you planning on moving to Costa Rica or are you a local who wants to create an accurate lifestyle budget plan? 

We've created a Lifestyle calculator to help you with this invigorating transition. Using price averages from the central valley region, you can successfully budget your move.

Additionally, we've added a mortgage calculator. Alongside this calculator, you can find a brief description of what to expect when buying in this region.


Joshua & Miranda Wittman


San Rafael de Alajuela

PHONE (WhatsApp)

+506 8589 2694